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Golden beeches...

Every morning my mother drops me off, deep in the woods.

So far I believe it is not because my parents are getting fed up with feeding me. (even though I have been looking for a new house made of candy lately…)

Instead, on her way to the gym she drops me off on one of the beautiful golden and copper lanes of the Remmerstein estate. This way I can get my exercise and run back before breakfast.

The smell of autumn in the morning is just incredible these days. It is fresh, earthy and moist at the same time. Occasionally you get a whiff of some mushrooms or sometimes even a fox. (alas no wolves)
Especially on a rainy morning the scents get stronger. So I am starting to see that in the countryside there is no bad weather… Only different kinds.

There is just something magical and mysterious about a living forest like that. No wonder Halloween happens in this witching season.

Got candy?

May be people celebrating Halloween are on to something…

The colours of the lanes do make me miss New England though… The cinnamon laden smell of pumpkin pie and warm Cider…


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Household Cavalry

After an early morning running in Hyde Park,  I think I will really miss seeing the cavalry excercise in the mornings…

It is always a majestic sight to see a large clump of horses trotting towards you. Rain or shine.

Makes me stand up straight and run faster indeed. 🙂

Brattle Street

At least it will be nice and green around Brattle Street and Bellevue Avenue…

Still I will miss the thundering hooves…


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