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Pub Grub - just ignore the orange juice...

One of the very best things I have started to get used to in the UK is the Pub culture.
A good example is ‘Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese’ on Fleetstreet.  Dating from the 17th century, I guess it shows that good things stick.

In a way it is quite similar to the original Bruine Kroeg (Brown Cafe) in Amsterdam, but it has several brilliant additions:

Firstly there is the great difference in beer/ale. Where most Dutch pubs only have one brand, that is well impressed on the decorations of the place, in a pub there is usually a greater variety of beer on draught.
The actual pulling of a pint is quite a different skill from the Dutch speedy tap…
Over the last few years I really started to appreciate a pint of ale. Yes it is luke warm and not as frothy as a Lager, but I find it far more satisfying…  And the real talent of this golden joy: it goes briliant with: Pub grub!

Dutch Bitterballen.


Yes British pub food is the epiphany of comfort food. Where you will get Bitterballen and cheese cubes in Holland, there is usually a great and standard menu of dishes available in pubs.

Beef and Ale Pie is a golden oldie. The Grenadier pub close to my house has a brilliant variety with Beef , Ale & Oysters. yum!

Lamb (or any kind of) Stew is another staple. Brilliant on a cold day or a hung-over Saturday lunch.

In a paper...

Fish ‘n Chips is so famous it has it’s own Wikipedia page… It is glorious, if well done…  I must admit that I secretly prefer more crispy ‘Fries’ instead of soggy chips, but with a crispy ale battered fish it hardly matters what you compare it with. (yay for Mushy peas again!)  I found the best one I have ever eaten was at a brilliant chips shop near Covent Garden, The Rock & Sole Plaice. (yeah great pun…) but you can pick your own fish to accompany your chips. Glorious!

For the discussion of the Roast, please see earlier roast post.

Indeed I will miss this relaxing (and certainly fattening) weekend activity. (Yes I am still Dutch, Brits dont wait till the weekend!)

But luckily I have heard rumours of Micro Breweries around Boston.
So who knows… there might be possible watering holes for me in the puritan new world yet!

Hic. 🙂


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Sunday Roast...

As I got a comment on the Butcher post yesterday (Cheers FPK), it made me think about another brilliant thing about Britain…

The Sunday Roast…

I am wondering if this is as much of an event in the US as it is in the UK.

The UK is brilliant into turning certain feeding events into something special…

Breakfast – full cooked fry up please!
Sunday Lunch – see below.
Pic Nic – PIMS and all things nice. (Garden parties are something else here, on that one sunny day of the year.)
Its High Tea time!– This is so brilliant I will dedicate a whole post to this soon.
Pub dinner – unforgettable and British Best, post will follow shortly.
Supper – the word alone is great already. The elegant sister of Dinner or Tea.

I am really curious to find out what the US has in store for me. And I dont mean the annual event of Thanksgiving…
So far I know about blueberry pancakes or waffles and Maple syrup breakfasts…
But that is where my knowledge ends… What is the Staple weekly feast in the US?

Will anything surpase a brilliantly crackling roast from the oven/AGA?

Together with Yorkshire pudding to lap up the gravy… (no, no my dear continental friends, these puds have nothing to do with dessert or pudding as they call it here, yes I know confusing). And please do not forget the staple veg of overcooked cabbage or mushy peas. Brilliant!

However simple this might sound, cooking this takes some real science and dont forget to add in a a lazy Sunday afternoon with the best possible company.

Hmmm it is early in the day, but why am I already hungry?

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This has been an exciting week, I had a brilliant evening drinking a pint (several) with my old primary school friend! It was wonderful to catch up with someone who only knew me as a child… We were discussing that as we are getting older we find that our mothers turned out to have great knowledge… (we both know eachothers mothers well, as family and friends was what life in primary school sort revolved around)

One of these things is the importance of having a good relation with your butcher!

Ask any teenager or student and they will look at you as if you are daft woman. But to be honest it really is true that I will miss my good Butcher in Knightsbridge.

Mr. O’Shea‘s quality, service and general pride and banter is unsurpassable!
We discuss the best cuts of meat, the way to prepare and different recipes for sausages and he really goes out of his way to help. (sometimes allowing me to pay the next day if I come up short in cash)
Super market meats are double the price and never have the same bang for your buck. And to be honest, I prefer to eat something that was minced, sliced and loved by a professional.

So I fear I will miss the dear man, as his roasts have always been loved by the people I shared them with…
Hope I will find something similar in Boston or Cambridge, anyone?

Hmmm it will probably take another good few months or even years to build up another good relationship.

Thanks mum! You were right…

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