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Neither here nor there…

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Yes really…

I am flying today…

… see you all on the other side.


PS and thanks to everyone for their support and kind wishes.

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Franka in London...

Do you know the feeling of archive aphasia after you move?

The exact thing you are looking for is always in another box. And after a while you find that half the boxes actually contain things you really didnt need in the new place you moved to…

When moving from Holland to the UK I stored all my private things in a crate.
Most of the contents of this crate I don’t really miss in London life, but one of them I miss daily…

My Franka Comic collection.

Books, art or cartoons?

It is something that is probably hard to explain to other than European comic enthusiasts…
European comics are different in several ways.

1. These comics are not the same as that moralistically silly American super hero nonsense. They are closer to graphic novels, while also including some of the fun of cartoons.

2. These comics are not only for children (Manara certainly isn’t… PG18). NB: This doesnt mean that I like blue comics, but I mean that the really good ones usually show more facets of life than simple story telling.
Compare TinTin and his political context and historically correct backdrops and cars…

Futuristic Moebius

There are too many to refer to:  Schuiten& Peeters, Jodorowsky, Moebius etc etc.
My favourite will always be Franka. (wikipedia, Franka site)

Kuijpers' poster for Lambiek...

Henk Kuijpers, the artist of Franka is really a hero in making an exciting mixture of challenging storylines and plots, one of the best drawing styles I have ever seen, impressive historical and cultural context and off course a brilliant leading lady.

When living in Amsterdam, there was nothing more wonderful than spending a rainy weekend afternoon at ‘Lambiek’ getting lost in the old bookcases or latest publications. This was so ingrained in Amsterdam culture that I find it hard to imagine elsewhere…

Over the years I grew up with Franka, starting out as a prim and sligtly shy girl into a dazzling woman of the world.

Regretfully these books still don’t come in English, so please check the links mostly to admire the artistic work and dynamic in the drawings.

Corto Maltese, a French Historically correct classic.

Britain with all its culture and wit, strangely enough does not match the  level the sophictication of ‘La Bande Dessinee’ in NL and Belgo-Franco culture. (or may be I just missed it)
It takes a special kind of imagination and visual art to really take this art to its full quality of expression.

(forgive me I could talk about this for hours…)

Grown up...

I remember walking into an alternative book shop, presenting a small pile of home produced comics in Eastern Berlin a few years ago. These had a different flavour to the Belgo-Franco work, but still all had the same amount of raw inventivity and visual charm…

So I know there are many of them out there, and I look forward to finding a quirky comic shop in the US to supply me with a regular fix of visual imagination…

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After giving this blog some thought during my lunch in the park, I came up with a main aim for this blog.

When I left the NL to move to the UK, four years ago, I found that actually I missed completely different things about my motherland that I had imagined.

Some of the famous Dutch traits were a relief to leave behind, while other minor details of Dutch Life started to become much fonder memories that I could ever imagine.

So I decided to make this blog a collection of misses and wishes…

There will be several cathegories of things:

  • I think I will miss… (from UK as well as NL)
  • I am happy to leave behind…  (from UK as well as NL)
  • I look forward to… (in US)
  • I dread… (in US)

After my move I will comment in hindsight…

Was my idea of the States realistic?

We will see…

Dikke zoenen,

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