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The Dutch can't ship enough of the stuff...

In succession to the two earlier childhood memories, there is one more…

Appelmoes. (or apple sauce)

Next to Roosvicee all Dutch children are brought up on the stuff. It is not surprising as the sweet and sour taste easily makes the bitterest sprouts taste like pudding! It is such a super-natural condiment, that it is usually present at each dinner, next to the salt and pepper.

Jars of Mush...

I can clearly remember my brother mashing up his meatballs and boiled potatoes main just to top it off with pale green apple mush…
How cheerfully he would turn his dinner into cement that neatly filled the entire plate. (please know he has come a long way since when he got married and turned amateur chef and gourmand…)
(the mash-up in the picture on the right happened in 2008)

This condiment doesn’t seem to be very popular in the UK, nor can I find any replacement… (custard?! neh..)
I did see it once served with porc in a pub, but that doesn’t make it normal I guess.

Before medieval mush...

This rather surprises me, considering that Apple Mush has been around since medieval times, just like pea soup and spiced bread. (more about these later) It was even mixed with saffron, almond milk and fish livers for lent… Yummy thought indeed!

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Wedding flowers?

Last weekend we celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary by having the children organise a weekend in London together for the.

We really had a most amazing time being together in our old family set of 5 (2 parents, 2 daughters and 1 son), without the new husband, wife and 4 grandchildren.

It was great to spend time alone with my parents and siblings after so much time.

They mostly knew me as the youngest with a pony tail and glasses, so now I had a chance to show them what had become of me.

During this weekend a lot of memories from our mutual childhood came back.
So over the coming days I will have plenty to write about things I miss from Holland…

Roosvicee classic

The firs t thing I would like to mention is Roosvicee.

This rosehip based cordial is probably not known outside of Holland, but I feel it really should be more widely available. The best thing about the flavour of this drink is that as a cordial you can make it as sweet or light as you like, while rosehip generally is not too sweet.
This allowed me to drink liters of the stuff. Supplying me with ample hydration for all kinds of mischief in the woods, and an overdose of vitamin C to keep away the frequent children’s colds.
(it came in handy in a similar way as a student or yup…)

I miss it most in the summer… When there is absolutely nothing better than making a large batch and drinking it in the sun.

Luckily I found a good/almost better replacement in the UK.

Freshly made...

Belvoir Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial… This stuff has a similar talent to make me drink gallons of the stuff without ever tiring of the flavour…
Some brands are better than others… Some taste more like lemon, others are too sweet.
My favourite is Belvoir Organic Elderflower cordial…

I hope to source some once I come to the States. Alternatively I will have to learn to make my own
So back into the woods I go, to find some Elderberry shrubs in Cambridge MA…

PS. Please see the latest Roosvicee TV add… ‘Komt wel goed schatje’ (transl.: You’ll be fine darling…)
Compared to the tongue-in-cheek original: ‘ Mamma mag ik pompen’ (transl.: Mummy may I do the pumping?)

Nothing really changed…

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