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Annabel's famous painting collection

Annabel’s is for everyone… was the quote I got from my flat mates regarding the music type of this club.

Little did I know…
Until one unfortunate and late night when one of my friends invited me along.
Quite honestly I can’t remember much of that night, apart from going down the stairs into a basement, seeing a dance floor that was lit up with hundreds of tiny lights and the fact that the staff kept telling us off for having glasses on the dance floor.

Indeed the music was ‘for everyone’ and very easy to get swinging, while the rest of the guests were polite and mostly let me alone.

It took me a second visit to actually learn more of this club.
There are some lovely comfy corners (with brilliant paintings of whippets) when you come in, with the dining room/dance floor in the back.
What I didn’t remember from my first visit, I could now see very clearly…
The room was filled with a strange variety of business men, or at least their tailored suits wanted me to think so, while the female attendance varied from well but scantily dressed ladies from Russia, China and any other origin you can imagine.

(regretfully I never made pictures of these people, but I guess you know what to expect)

Colourful like the locals...

The ladies’ powder room was quite an experience for a provincial simpleton like me.
Never had I seen women in such expensive, but somehow tasteless dress…
The more experienced amongst you probably already know where I am going with this: Most of the ladies were there on a professional basis.

Somehow this makes going to Annabel’s quite an experience.
The slightly Gauche people, mixed with celebrities and high rollers, makes for great entertainment.
As long as you do not stand and stare too long at the bizarre combination of couples…
The elderly gnome like with the obviously bored looking Natasha is enough to make any sense of party disappear.

So I guess my first experience is the best way to enjoy Annabel’s.
Just put yourself on the dance floor, marvel of the women who dance like they are on TV (ie not like no one’s watching) and groove the night away.

I will miss this particularly odd gem of London society…
But I will take the lesson of this dark underground with me on my travels.


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