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In his Parisian studio...

Last week I went to the Calder exhibition in gemeente museum in The Hague.
I had been in love with his mobiles ever since I saw one in a Franka comic when I was small. (more on my love of comics and an actual picture of Franka with a mobile here.)

The first time I saw one for real was at a temporary exhibition at the Kröller-Müller Museum. And since then there was no way back. The mobiles look so naive and simple in their primary colours floating in space.

Faces always look better in motion...

After I researched his work some more I found that some art snobs find his work infantile and commercial. But anyone who has seen his hands at work, knows that he is an artist in movement. The simple multi-morphic forms shift and shape as you circle them. His drawings and his simple string figures are so alive and dynamic. It was when I saw his string portraits last week that I fell in love again. Just a simple single thread bent and twirled shapes a face better than many an oil painting…

At the exhibit his work was juxtaposed against Mondrian, the artist of rhythm. The combination was quite incredible.

Poetry in simplicity...

“Calder visited Mondrian’s studio in 1930 and later described how the experience transformed his understanding of abstract art.  He wrote, “This one visit gave me a shock that started things.  Though I had often heard the word ‘modern’ before, I did not consciously know or feel the term ‘abstract.’ So now at thirty-two, I wanted to paint and work in the abstract.” (1) Shortly thereafter, Calder was invited to join the international Abstraction-Création group that included Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Jean Arp, and many other artists working with geometric abstract forms.” from his Bio.

It is a pity that a blog like this can hardly capture the true art in his motions.

So please enjoy Calder in his later years, playing with his Circus:

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A fallen woman?

At least that is what the word ‘Valens‘ the origin of the name for Saint Valentine really stands for.

Anyone who has really engaged in this trapeze act called Love, knows it looks so easy, pretty and graceful from the ground.
But once hanging up there yourself, you see it really is not for the faint hearted…
Everyone who has ever been dropped or let slip can tell you: It really is a long way down…

Still once you have been up there and with the fresh air in your face, you know you can never go back living on the ground…

We all know what that feels like...

A long time ago Jesuit novice (yes I know this is an interesting source) once informally told me, that in order to be a man you need balls, to be a man of love you need bigger ones!
(may be the kind of advice St. Valentine should have had! Performing Christian Marriages, what was the poor dear thinking?!)

Then there are other explanations, stating that the whole Valentine’s craze is an invention by Chaucer, or simply a continuation of an originally pagan feast called Luperculia. Any celebration helping to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility has to be great fun!

The bastard! He knows I hate pink...

Still what for me the main point really is, that this whole feast should not be about, boxes of sticky chocolates, red balloons and smelly bath salts. (because you genuinely don’t have a clue what she wants anyway)
It should be the furthest thing from the soppy side of love… The celebration of contentment, of satiety and boring comfort, commercial expectations… and arguments about getting presents wrong…  NO!

Instead let Valentine celebrate valour, courage and the brave!
The people that truly dare to let their heart speak out, the people who send a letter filled with blatant honesty or a card coated in truth. (whatever colour the bloody stationary might be..)
Why is it such a crime to tell someone you really like them?
Isn’t a tepid guilt propelled message much more harmful?

In other words... NO!

I would much rather get a clear response turning me down, than being politely strung along to ‘spare my feelings’
(?! They are mine right, so why not let me take care of them…).
Better to crash and burn, then to stay suspended in dishonest promises and unmeant words…
Indeed we all know safety nets don’t work in Love…

Come on, Fortune favours the brave.
So if you still have a heart, use it!

Bon courage for the 14th!

PS I hate red roses. (now you know why)

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This has been an exciting week, I had a brilliant evening drinking a pint (several) with my old primary school friend! It was wonderful to catch up with someone who only knew me as a child… We were discussing that as we are getting older we find that our mothers turned out to have great knowledge… (we both know eachothers mothers well, as family and friends was what life in primary school sort revolved around)

One of these things is the importance of having a good relation with your butcher!

Ask any teenager or student and they will look at you as if you are daft woman. But to be honest it really is true that I will miss my good Butcher in Knightsbridge.

Mr. O’Shea‘s quality, service and general pride and banter is unsurpassable!
We discuss the best cuts of meat, the way to prepare and different recipes for sausages and he really goes out of his way to help. (sometimes allowing me to pay the next day if I come up short in cash)
Super market meats are double the price and never have the same bang for your buck. And to be honest, I prefer to eat something that was minced, sliced and loved by a professional.

So I fear I will miss the dear man, as his roasts have always been loved by the people I shared them with…
Hope I will find something similar in Boston or Cambridge, anyone?

Hmmm it will probably take another good few months or even years to build up another good relationship.

Thanks mum! You were right…

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