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…I think I love you. 

There is nothing like a hot water bottle to cuddle up to on a cold and damp night. 

Let’s hope Health & Safety laws will not forbid them any time in future…
It’s just that nothing beats the relaxation and looming danger of a sack of boiling water in your arms. 

Or for the even more risk loving… try a golden oldie from the 50s:
The Babyglow…


Burn baby burn.

A metal wire cage, with a lightbulb in it, plugged into the lightbulb socket of your bedside light…

A glowing bed. 


Good night everyone!


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No more melting, but frizzy Freddie!

So I have just arrived in Boston after an OK flight.

Everyone always complains about Delta, but I must admit they got me here safely.

Customs was not even interested in the pile of stuff I was lugging with me, and the immigration officer seemed bored and uninterested…

So I am finally here.
I have unpacked and organised my room…

1st observation: Boston is hot in summer… and then I mean HOT and humid.
So upon my first arrival I ended up lugging around air conditioners with Ron.

How’s that for a first experience!

Later today I hope to do my first bicycle ride to Harvard Square to get some supplies…

And then tonight, my first Lobster boil! Yummmm.

Lots of love from melting Freddie.

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After living in the UK for a while I started to really miss Indonesian  cooking.

This is pretty strange, as I have never really been hooked on is while living in the NL. As a student I had practiced making Boemboe (spice mixture). I guess I had always taken the presence of a Toko for granted.  (A Toko is an Indonesian shop/deli)


In the Hague, where most of the original Indonesian immigrants live there is the annual Pasar Malam Fair (since the 50th anniversary it has been renamed the Tong Tong Fair). I am afraid I will have to miss it this year, all the shiny fabrics, sweet coconut drinks and spicy scented food tent. The most typical food to eat are the eternal Sateh sticks, with sticky soy or spicy peanut sauce. be sure to add some fried onion flakes and Seroendeng for maximum impact!

Off course there are the wonderful Indian curries here in the UK, but somehow the hot and slightly sweet dishes of Indonesia remind me of home. To prevent getting homesick, there is one ingredient that I always have in my kitchen stash: SAMBAL

This Sunshine of a condiment comes in many varieties.

Sambal Manis is my favourite.
It is sweeter and milder than the others and the best possible combination between hot, spicy and sweet…
It goes well with every kind of meat or rice dish and it is great to use to fry up left over rice… Just add some sweet and sour cucumber salad, seroendeng (see above) and a fried egg, and you’re ready to go…

Oily and hot...

I wonder if I can find anything similar on the East Coast…
I could make my own or follow my the example of my Aunt in Ireland, who only allows Dutch guests to cross the threshold if they hand over a large jar of Sambal first…
(I would always get her the super hot home-made variety ofrom Nam Kee Toko in the red light district in Amsterdam, this paste can only be shipped in glass as it would melt away any plastic containers…)

Hope the Americans like it hot?

I guess they do…

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