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Old balls.

Last week I decorated our Christmas tree. Early this time.
(As most of the family will be off on the 27th we decided to get one early this year)
This activity brings along a strange mix of dread and cheer for me.
It is fun to see all the old family baubles,  decorations and strange artifacts again…
Toys from generations passed gleam out at you, including a piece of aluminium foil thrown down from WWII planes to upset the German radars during the occupation… an unmissable piece of paraphernalia…

Still Christmas also always makes me glum. For me the days of advent are the annual reminder of my birthday coming up on the 24th…
For most people bithdays are days to look forward to. A day where you will be the center of attention, eating cake, receiving presents and kind messages.
In a way Christmas is somewhat the same, be it slightly more forced on us through commerce and other mega media expectations.
Carols fill the radio, (let’s not mention Mariah and Wham! this year…) The thought of everyone being nice to their neighbours descends upon us all…

Happy birthday...

So you can imagine the slight bewilderment that usually greets me on the morning of the 24th.
After more than 30 years I should know what to expect: Nothing.

On the 24th everyone is completely consumed by last minute shopping and the preparations of one, two or three days of overeating, presents and family drama.
So eating a birthday cake on the morning before is usually not really a priority. (still Facebook usually helps people remember my birthday)

Anyway, good luck everyone with the final days before the hols, getting all your work done and presents bought.

Have a good one!

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Guilty pleasure no.1

Thank God it is the season for running. As I now have a new addiction:  


They are crispy, creamy, somehow salty yet sweet and incredibly moorish. Yum!

Sandy Dodgers...

However sweet UK No.1 biscuit; Jammy Dodgers might look (and have helped Dr. Who save the world Ep. 3, 2010 season) their shortbread sandiness just cant beat the creamy crispness of Oreo’s.

I just cant help eating the whole pack of biscuits in one go, with a glass of cold milk or tea…

How could I have not fallen in love with these before? They are one of many American food inventions I’ve only just gotten to know…

Cant wait to sample Oreo Icecream and any other strange  recipes they can come with.

Bring it on!

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After giving this blog some thought during my lunch in the park, I came up with a main aim for this blog.

When I left the NL to move to the UK, four years ago, I found that actually I missed completely different things about my motherland that I had imagined.

Some of the famous Dutch traits were a relief to leave behind, while other minor details of Dutch Life started to become much fonder memories that I could ever imagine.

So I decided to make this blog a collection of misses and wishes…

There will be several cathegories of things:

  • I think I will miss… (from UK as well as NL)
  • I am happy to leave behind…  (from UK as well as NL)
  • I look forward to… (in US)
  • I dread… (in US)

After my move I will comment in hindsight…

Was my idea of the States realistic?

We will see…

Dikke zoenen,

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