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The London Special!

…it’s my kitchen!


I really look forward to living in a house with some actual space, and even better… a real kitchen table!
Off course I am too shy to post pics of my own home (the one on the right is taken from the web, from a very clever site on small kitchens) , but anyone who has ever seen my place knows, that my kitchen is the size of a cupboard… Still I managed to cook 4 course dinner parties for 6 out of it…

A standard Cambridge kitchen?


Imagine what I could get up to if I had a place like Julia Child
Her famous, now Smithsonian kitchen was originally only a few houses down the road from where I will move to…
So please all come over soon to see me bone a chicken!

Bon Appetit!

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After giving this blog some thought during my lunch in the park, I came up with a main aim for this blog.

When I left the NL to move to the UK, four years ago, I found that actually I missed completely different things about my motherland that I had imagined.

Some of the famous Dutch traits were a relief to leave behind, while other minor details of Dutch Life started to become much fonder memories that I could ever imagine.

So I decided to make this blog a collection of misses and wishes…

There will be several cathegories of things:

  • I think I will miss… (from UK as well as NL)
  • I am happy to leave behind…  (from UK as well as NL)
  • I look forward to… (in US)
  • I dread… (in US)

After my move I will comment in hindsight…

Was my idea of the States realistic?

We will see…

Dikke zoenen,

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