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Roll on...

In our family we have several traditions regarding comfort food and nibbles at our get-togethers.

Salmon salad is one of them, mainly consisting of a tin of salmon mixed with ‘whiskey cocktails sauce‘ spread on toast.

Another favourite is ‘Saucijzen broodjes’ or Sausage Rolls.

These rolls are the only thing to make our lively family banter and discussions stop. Once a large dish of them is passed round, accompanied with napkins, it takes about 1 minute before all of us stand with a strange stare with open mouth, trying to cool the scorching hot bite we just under estimated.

At the family celebrations last weekend, this delicacy off course could not be missed. So I went to my trusted butcher and asked his advice on the British approach to sausage rolls.
Off course he more than helped me out.
He showed me that they sell sausage rolls by the yard from the freezer.
He makes the sausage meat and pastry himself and freezes large batches, so they can be defrosted and sliced before use.

I must admit that these rolls really impressed the family…
I sliced the strip into 9 pieces, topped them with some egg and left them in the over to brown and puff up.
These rolls were enormous and needed to be eaten with knife and fork instead of  napkin from the hand…
Best ones we ever had…

Even with a completely different origin and recipe I was so very happy to achieve the same moment of silence, and gasping for cool air.
Some things never change. 🙂


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This has been an exciting week, I had a brilliant evening drinking a pint (several) with my old primary school friend! It was wonderful to catch up with someone who only knew me as a child… We were discussing that as we are getting older we find that our mothers turned out to have great knowledge… (we both know eachothers mothers well, as family and friends was what life in primary school sort revolved around)

One of these things is the importance of having a good relation with your butcher!

Ask any teenager or student and they will look at you as if you are daft woman. But to be honest it really is true that I will miss my good Butcher in Knightsbridge.

Mr. O’Shea‘s quality, service and general pride and banter is unsurpassable!
We discuss the best cuts of meat, the way to prepare and different recipes for sausages and he really goes out of his way to help. (sometimes allowing me to pay the next day if I come up short in cash)
Super market meats are double the price and never have the same bang for your buck. And to be honest, I prefer to eat something that was minced, sliced and loved by a professional.

So I fear I will miss the dear man, as his roasts have always been loved by the people I shared them with…
Hope I will find something similar in Boston or Cambridge, anyone?

Hmmm it will probably take another good few months or even years to build up another good relationship.

Thanks mum! You were right…

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