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This can not be a beginner... I would miss at least 4 stops on this one...

There is one thing just so typically British I have to mention it.
(Especially after my last post)

Reading on the Train/Tube

nd not just the reading itself, but mostly what people are reading…

I look forward to studying this in other countries…

Even the PM does it...

(will I see more Kindles or iPads?)

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Bus line no.9

On my way back from work I took the usual Bus no.9 home.  Actually it is quite a privilege, as it is the one line where the old Routemasters are reinstated.

These darling busses are very noisy – ranging from the handbreak every 20 seconds and bells all over the shop!- and the dear has hard seats and very rigid suspension (bouncy bouncy!).
Still I alway enjoy the ride.

The best thing: NO sea sickness  like in the top of the new fluffy busses…

I will be sad to leave this gentle masochism behind.


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