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Sorry I am still raving about the football…

More posts on Cheerleading and hotdogs soon to come. There was just too much to the experience to write in one single post..
So please bear with me.

One of the strangest moments in yesterdays match was the moment when one of the players from Yale got seriously injured.
I think he got a pretty hard knock on the side of the head.
So the game was suspended for quite a while to tend to his  injury.

I was quite surprised to see the courtesy of these bulky players. Apparently it is the custom for all players on both sides to kneel during the time-out for an injury.
It delivered this strange almost religious picture:

Chivalry on the field.

If you compare it to the earlier video clip and full dynamics of players dashing around the field, you can imagine the paradox…
In the end the player was rolled off the field tightly stabilised on a stretcher.

Poor guy, let’s hope he will be ok and back at molecular physics soon again…


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What about E?

One of my favourite things in London (if the weather allows) is walking…

I love getting lost.
Preferably when I am not in a hurry.

London is a brilliant place to get lost in, you will always see something new and interesting, you never know what you will run into around the corner. And going back on yourself usually means you see new things in a known street…

Walking from A to B to C to D is far less fun than getting lost between and A and C, finding F and stumbling into D.

Elephant/Hare staring at the moon?

Last week I walked home from work on a lovely spring afternoon. Once you get out of the bustle of the Strand and Trafalgar Square, it really becomes stunning around  St James’. This corner of London has so many parks that all interlink.
So in a way, the way home became ‘a walk in the park’. 🙂

An added bonus this week was the ‘Elephant Parade’ which is a special charity event placing 260 statues of painted elephants all over London. There are some really stunning pieces of art amongst them.

Regretfully I did not have a camera on me… but luckily I found my favourite one online.

Finally my favourite song to support this feeling:

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