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Catch of the day (minus the other half already eaten)

Catch of the day (minus the other half already eaten)

Over the past few weeks the Plum season has been in full swing, so every day I trundle off to the orchard early in the morning with a dog.

The Victoria Plums are particularly wonderful this time of year and beg to be eaten instantly instead of bundled up in a basket.

Still they do look such a pretty colour all huddled up together, but we digress…

The trick is to pick the ripe ones once a day, otherwise the wasps and other rude grubs get to them.

This morning it was rather damp, so right at the same moment I was thinking about how docile the wasps were today… One stung me!

Right across the jaw!

Right across the jaw!

Right across the jaw… It must have fallen from a plum above me, half drunk from all the sugar and got caught in my collar.


But every country problem comes with its solution: Onion!
(I also tried rubbing a copper coin on it, but that just made me look a bit weird)

So after half an hour with an onion stuck to my face, the burning is a lot less. Sadly though I now smell of the beginning of a stew and I couldn’t stop crying for an hour…

Note to self: Don’t get stung by drunken wasps… wear a hat and tight fitting collar in the orchard.

(Note to self 2: You are not allergic to wasps, if you were you would now be dead….)

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I have been online for a while now. But I still can not suppress my habit to wander on the web.

Please click link…

I should know better and get on with my work, but whatever I do to try to focus it is to no avail…

Blogs. All kind and colours, they bring me from one thought to another.
So thanks Olivier (mad collector himself) and Mr. van der Lee (amazing aesthetic) for bringing me to Nowness for this excellent clip.

‘Art needs to be seen by more than one person. It needs a life of it’s own…
It is like a house that is has not been lived in that has a different aura from a work that is admired and loved by many people…”

I didn’t manage to rip the video, so I really recommend that you press the simple link above. I would love to know who was the composer of the music in the video…)

Off course one can not live on high brow thoughts alone.
In order to see the sense in the senselessness of some media I am addicted to Suri Cruise’s pet hates at the excellent website Suri’s Burn Book.

Allright, now back to work!

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Just read a brilliant quote in the paper that made me smile, it is from a psychiatrist called Mr. Saatchi:

Depression is anger without enthusiasm…

Lighten up-side down.

Think about that next time someone says they are depressed.
Best advice is to vigourously snap out of it.

By the way: Extreme pruning with a saw and loppers, weed digging with a sharp spade or doing a plastering course are excellent ways to get your vigour up and anger out!



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Anyone for a fight?

It was slippery running in the woods this morning…
Ice had covered the roads and puddles.

It reminds me I should work on my balance.
Would love to take up fencing again regularly.
En garde!

I just had to add this, pure beauty by Jiri Kylian…
Modern dance really can really send chills down your spine.

PS. Who said modern dance can’t be funny?

Impeccable timing!

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Are you attuned?

One of the things I am struggling with back in the Netherlands, is the change of language.

Not as much the fact that there is a difference in the words, or simply the grammar…
No, the greatest difference lies in the way you can express your tone and humour. English is such a rich language. And the way you use words and ‘intonate’ a sentence can mean many things.

Dutch is so much more frugal in its essence. Just an example:
The one Dutch word Stemmen has 3 possible meanings/translations:

  • Tuning, as in tuning an instrument.
  • Voices, the actual sound that comes out of your mouth
  • Voting, the actual democratic process of casting a vote.

How can this be?
May be this is why politics is such a mess in the Netherlands at the moment… Can’t they just be quiet?


It makes me want to invent some new words.
English ones…

With special thanks to Aram for sending me these:

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Off course you knew that Forever tastes of Vanilla!

Off course it has been too long.
(mea culpa, mea culpa, forgive me readers for I have lived… it has been how many days since my last post? Good God! etc etc)

After my initial impressions regarding seafood, portions and airco, I can honestly say I have thrown myself fully into American life: hook, line and sinker.
So let me quickly catch you up on what you missed:

From July till October I had my first bout of the States…
And well, now on my second I have only been back for 6 days.

In this short time I have already visited Boston-Cambridge-Boston-Providence-Boston-Providence-Newport.  (Next week will be Newport-Cambridge-Boston-NewYork-Boston-Cambridge. )
Within these last six days I have had many new experiences regarding American public transport. (all of this will be reported shortly…)

It is getting harder to write in the same British inspired way of understatement and sarcasm as I have encountered to little of that around me here.
And to be frank… how the **** am I supposed to keep up with that traveling schedule?

By now I have flown to the States three times. And over time I remember feeling distinctly different during the three flights:

Three time's the charm...

The first time I just flew over in a daze, excited and mostly ignorant about what would await me at the other side. Bright eyed and pro-active Freddie, wagging her tail.

The second time I was more hesitant. I had already crushed many of my wrong assumptions and had become slightly weary of what I would get wrong this time. So instead of the initial enthusiasm I had become more passive and observing. Slightly quiet Freddie with one raised eyebrow.

But now, the third time I flew over with a clear plan and purpose. Freddie ready to pounce. (luckily I did, otherwise the grumpy immigration guard would have sent me home. It cost me 30 minutes in a painful interview and talking for my life, like a hairdresser who had just botched up someones new do…)

My plan for the coming months:
1. Sort out the VISA stuff.
2. Find/secure a job. (there is some stuff in the pipeline, but I don’t want to Jinx anything yet)
3. Get a car.
4. Do a course
5. Write a book
6. Write my blog

This is just a simple outline and off course all three of these are interdependent.
No problem… easy peasy. Right?

It’s  good to be back!

Who are you?

The feeling had been coming on over the last few days…
There is something distinctly different here but I dont know what exactly.

It took me a while, but then yesterday morning all of a sudden I got it!


I woke up with the sound of something I really had no clue about what it could be.
Somewhere between a chainsaw and a strangled parrot… Had I woken up in the Rain forest in South America?!

Off course every bird has its own song. (see the Audubon Society) But waking up in a foreign choir is quite an experience.
There wasn’t too much of a difference between the Netherlands and London… In Europe I can tell the difference between a blackbird and a magpie, but the things I hear from the trees over here is truly exotic.

So my note to self: pick up a guide of local birds and start learning their chirps and tremors… And off course see if you can spot them while they are at it. 🙂

Secondly, once I get my iPhone/iPad next week I can download the song bird app at: BirdJAM

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