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Neither here nor there…


Vegas on the North Sea?

At present I am working in Great Yarmouth…
Yes I know, not just Yarmouth, but GREAT Yarmouth.

Most people in the UK roll their eyes when they hear of this town>
Also known as Las Vegas on the North sea.

Rather sad really, Las Vegas without the sunshine, the sea without the fresh breeze.
Over the last months working with the the old buildings in this town I have learnt never to judge a village center by first glance. There are some amazing Edwardian Hotels waiting to rise like a phoenix, old rides that are still cool. And actually the whole place has been maintained by neglect.

Neglected by lack of investment from the government…


Glory days… But the winter gardens is one of the biggest challenges ahead. Would be amazing!

The whole town was built on the money made from silver darlings, herrings. And they still sell the very best kippers you have ever had!
But sadly when they made the big investments in their new concrete harbour they forgot to invest in the access on the land side…
So now, with the upcoming elections, politicians have promised to improve the main road there…

What do you think? Will more people come? Will more people leave?

Time will tell. At least we have a super enthusiastic team of conservation officers in place and a supportive Borough Council… With all the sad and terrible things happening in the world, rebuilding and treasuring what we have must be on the political agenda! Fingers crossed for the elections!

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