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Neither here nor there…


Time hanging around…

This morning when visiting the market in Wageningen I was surprised to learn that today was the day of the LEEF festival… The local Festival of fools.

The theme this years is ‘Bubbles’.
It was quite sweet to see the dancing workshop – involving several older women and a hippy guy performing vague motions to music) and being invited for a ‘brain wash’, including a pre and main (in Dutch the same word for head) wash… 🙂 being asked by a woman with gold painted bubbles on her face and a wig made of sponges didn’t make it more enticing…

The city was decorated with all kinds of strange signs made of waste products and occasional ‘mobiles’ made of unexpected items… Teddies, time etc…

Imps and trolls ran around the crowd and bats on stilts hovered over our heads…

The most surreal experience was a butler (with a tray of bubbly) joined by a collection of chamber maids dressed in true Downton Abbey fashion approaching me with slight reverences, Milady… Wonderful and surreal.


Rose in hand…

I had cards read by a fortune teller called Joli in a wagon, who did a rather good job in describing me and my wanderings.
(Ace of cups, Knight of Swords and Death, alas not the Fool…)

But above all the most impressive thing of this whole festival was how completely harmless and in-offensive the whole experience was.
There were local girls giving a pole dancing demonstration dressed in the most sensible sports underwear imaginable. They sweetly looked on while local children with strained faces tried to climb the pole…

All people were smiling, friendly and jolly.

Oh is there any more blessed than the Feasting Fool?


Party on!


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