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Neither here nor there…

I have been online for a while now. But I still can not suppress my habit to wander on the web.

Please click link…

I should know better and get on with my work, but whatever I do to try to focus it is to no avail…

Blogs. All kind and colours, they bring me from one thought to another.
So thanks Olivier (mad collector himself) and Mr. van der Lee (amazing aesthetic) for bringing me to Nowness for this excellent clip.

‘Art needs to be seen by more than one person. It needs a life of it’s own…
It is like a house that is has not been lived in that has a different aura from a work that is admired and loved by many people…”

I didn’t manage to rip the video, so I really recommend that you press the simple link above. I would love to know who was the composer of the music in the video…)

Off course one can not live on high brow thoughts alone.
In order to see the sense in the senselessness of some media I am addicted to Suri Cruise’s pet hates at the excellent website Suri’s Burn Book.

Allright, now back to work!

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