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Neither here nor there…


One of these days…

Can anyone explain to me how ‘Madness’ on the roof of Buckingham Palace singing ‘Our house’ is the best of British civilisation in a 60 year’s diamond reign…?!

I am trying to imagine the celebrations of Elizabeth I’s 40th celebration might have been like… Free bread for the poor and be done with it?
Or was there wild Volta dancing? Or did they play her her favourite Thomas Tallis polyphonic tune?

I wonder in so many years to come…during the reign of William Windsor’s great grandchildren… Will there be flashbacks of Cheryl Cole impersonation of a glittery plank (include the sound of electric sawing)?

Will anyone still want to imagine what Grace Jones’ hoola entertainment did to Her Majesty’s eyebrows?


PS you all have to agree that all of the older stars were certainly a lot more impressive. Pfff.

PPS Prince Charles’ thank you speech was so very well done. His jokes were more entertaining than any of the comedians on the evening… (did they organise it that way?!)
And his ‘Mummy’ was priceless…

God Save the Queen.


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