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Neither here nor there…

One of the advantages of having a vagabond lifestyle is that you continuously encounter new things.
Living between two countries means you can no longer hold on to habits or doing things in a set way. I find I now always adjust my routine to wherever I am.
This state of flux has now been for more than a year, so I have made the art adaptation my standard way of life.

'from the middle of the tube...'

While traveling around I continuously run out of things, but there is one habit I fear I will never be able to change: forgetting my toothpaste.

However this does supply me with a great new hobby of stealing (‘borrowing’ doesn’t quite cover it) and trying out new toothpastes.

Last month I have however met the mother of all pastes… Euthymol.

Any toothpaste with a name like that has to be something special. It doesn’t even have the words ‘clean’, ‘white, ‘fresh’ or ‘protection’ anywhere on it. The packaging only reads: Euthymol Original Toothpaste, a scientific dental preparation. If it wasn’t for the word ‘Dental’ it could be for anything really…

Naturally attracted to certain differences?!

It comes in an old fashioned tube and red top and is bright bubblegum pink, which reminds me of the children’s toothpaste they used to make in the 80’s and we were only allowed to use when staying with our grandparents… Still the flavour is something else.
Not the usual tepid and lame minty freshness, but a combination the kick in Rootbeer and Listerine on steroids.
As the add says a true ‘wide awake flavour’… Nothing like a good kick in the teeth at the end of the day and in the morning waking up… (oh and it also really cleans your teeth)

I wish I could make this my standard paste, but I am sure I will just forget it again…

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