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Neither here nor there…

Occasionally I write fables. I wonder what you make of this one:


Wouldn’t you agree with me?
If it is anything that you could be,
wouldn’t you climb out, be fancy free.
like a monkey in a tree…

All together in the green huckleberry.
Aunts and uncles, mums and siblings,
climbing, tumbling, making merry.
All those hands, smiles, tails and limbs.

Not this little monkey, red and wild.
It’s the quickest light and most clever.
Hates to be treated as a child
Prefers to look up to bright birds of a feather.

Wants to be free from clinging bands
No more letting down by being pulled up
It aspires to blue oxygen-low lands.
enjoying the cool view from the top.

Are ten stuck below worth less than one up high?
light as a bird, soaring on wings of light.
Fearlessly free only below sun and sky
Free from bonds below, oh what a sight.

For those on the plain, seeing a stripe in the air
Branches and leaves showering heavy heads
Up there, there’s no time to look down or beware
How quick the heady successful forgets

that freedom without love, like a king without a court
only once reaches too far for an empty crown.
One familiar hand short…
A long lonely way down.

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