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Neither here nor there…

Propose, dispose... bah humbug!

Everyone knows that Leap Day is special.
It is the day for correcting time to the heavens above, a sort of day of compensation and catching up.

This gives rise to all kinds of traditions allowing people to see this as an exceptional day to break the rules.
The best known one to break is the rule to the right to propose… Is it not said:
C’est l’homme qui propose
et la femme qui dispose…
(or was it: et Dieu ordonne?)

So today we play it the other way round

To complete this assumption of woe, there is even a fine for the poor men who dare to decline the offer, when they can not prove to have some other prior engagement. (I see a carrot-stick application completely failing here…) The fine would range from a kiss (which sounds like a rather foolish thing to desire from someone who just snubbed you), to a pair of gloves or a new frock… (handy!)

Polite dissuasion...

All that and spring not being far away either will surely make many ladies chomp at the bit…
resulting in many foolish pictures…

Hook, line and sinker...

Still, I have never heard of any of my friends actually trying it in this modern age.
I guess today many girls have different pressure tactics to get themselves hitched. (Not something I really want to get into.)

Just ask mummy first!

Being a great fan of Alice in Wonderland’s un-birthday tradition, I would like to propose an un-marriage tradition instead.

Down the garden path...

Just to break with assumptions of tying someone down (or up depending on your hopes) and simply enjoy being with someone without putting the pressure on. Just trust all is well and that no coercion is needed…

Tomorrow all will be back to normal again…

Un-married doesn't have to be the same as divorced, no?

Ah the arts of human folly!

I guess I didn’t plan ahead again this year. Better luck in 2016!


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