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Neither here nor there…

Viv and some mice... and a little ship.

Last week in London I was introduced to some delicious insanity.

Sir Henry at Rawlinson’s end.

There are simply too many incredible quotes that can be taken from this wonderful film.
It is made in sepia colours, so it looks much older than the 1980s.

For a foreigner this should be some compulsory viewing, doing away with the picturesque treacle words of Betjeman about the English countryside.
Many anglophiles dream off at the idea of the glowing hills and fluffy hedgerows, but will they get the joke of getting your tongue pierced by Cardigan’s lancers?
Not even mentioning the butler ‘Scrotum, the wrinkly retainer…’

If only I could play a round of scrabble with Viv Stanshall
May be teaming up with Stephen Fry?
Now wouldn’t that be a game!
(I am presently struggling with a Wordfeud addiction…)

Enjoy! (And special thanks Chris for opening my eyes a little wider!)

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