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Neither here nor there…

Casualty no.5...

Yesterday just seemed an endless day. Waiting for both arms to meet up at the top.
The final day of the year, and somehow it just seemed it didn’t get any later…

It took me till well into the night to find out my watch had stopped…

And yes… I know a swatch is a crumby cheap watch, it ticks too loud and is too large for my wrist. Worse, within a year I have already had to replace the strap and battery!
The local jeweler has stopped selling parts for these as they seem to be too bad quality.
Still, with all of my travel and cooking activities I do need one. I hate grasping for a device to tell the time.
(my watch is always local time wherever I am, while my laptop, ipad and phone vary depending on my departure and arrival needs. And with gps some of them automatically zone themselves…)

So I guess I will have to contemplate an upgrade.
What would be sturdy enough to survive my lifestyle, yet not un-clunky enough to fit my wrist?
To be continued…



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