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Neither here nor there…

First the eggs, now the chicken!


There is a monster of a cold virus roaming through the Netherlands.

I am not sure how it entered the house, but now it has, it certainly is here to stay.

This one has it all, the teary eyes, the sneezing and sniveling, the clogged nose, muscles aching and a pounding head…

So I have done the only thing one can do…

Make chicken soup and stay warm.

The recipe I use is simple:

My kind of bird...

1. Put an old bird in a pot, add onions, garlic, loads of fresh thyme (as if you will taste anything) and water in a pot.
(I added some laurel and juniper berries for more flavour)
2. cook for 3 hours (get back to bed or read a book under a blanket)
3. scoop out the carcass, leave to cool.
4. Strain the stock while warm (to get rid of any loose onion skins etc.)
5. once the carcass is cool enough, pick off all the meat from the carcass and add back into the strained stock.
6. add salt and pepper to taste (you could add vegetables, rice or noodles if you like, but I prefer plain.)
7. reheat soup when necessary (it will get better every time you reheat it.)

Feeling better already!

(or may be not)


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