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Neither here nor there…

Riddled and wrinkled...

When I visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming I got these incredible second hand cowboy boots. (or Western boots – depending on where you come from)

They are an authentic pair, originally hand made in the US of A.

Apart from the fact they are the most comfortable thing in the world, I must add they truly are the toughest pair of footwear I have ever encountered.
They carried me through African camel rides, horse trails through the American outback, New England snow storms and now Dutch autumns. And that is only after I got them!

The best thing about them is that their exterior leaves nothing to the imagination. They are just what they are. Wrinkled and riddled through actual life and experience, authentic, proven and tough as old boots…

This is why I found it so strange to meet people in Newport who choose to erase this kind of experience from their own faces.


Could you imagine to live without your own authentic face…
What would you have left?

(PS Actually my boots might not be as tough as they look anymore. Last week I bought some sheep skin boot liners, so now when I wear them it feels like puppies are licking my soul/soles!)


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