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Neither here nor there…

Are you attuned?

One of the things I am struggling with back in the Netherlands, is the change of language.

Not as much the fact that there is a difference in the words, or simply the grammar…
No, the greatest difference lies in the way you can express your tone and humour. English is such a rich language. And the way you use words and ‘intonate’ a sentence can mean many things.

Dutch is so much more frugal in its essence. Just an example:
The one Dutch word Stemmen has 3 possible meanings/translations:

  • Tuning, as in tuning an instrument.
  • Voices, the actual sound that comes out of your mouth
  • Voting, the actual democratic process of casting a vote.

How can this be?
May be this is why politics is such a mess in the Netherlands at the moment… Can’t they just be quiet?


It makes me want to invent some new words.
English ones…

With special thanks to Aram for sending me these:


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