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Neither here nor there…

Burn baby burn!

A lot has happened since my last post.

After surviving thanksgiving I also made it through Christmas unscathed.

But regretfully all brilliant things come to an end. US Immigration decided that two runs of three months were more than enough for a low life like me.
So I had to leave the USA at the end of January. So I flew back to the Netherlands to lick my wounds and come up with a battle plan.

Now I am already many months and a lot of confusion along, working on this mythical creature called a Visa/Greencard.

My initial plan was to get back based on ‘Extraoridinary abilities”.
So under the expert guidance of a real American Attorney (yes AA) I headed for my first failure.
She agreed that I was indeed extraordinary, but judged for her country that there was no national need for collaboration specialists as collaboration is not really any use for the national agenda. Competition (read: BANKERS) is more their cup of tea.
I will not go into this, but please see ‘The Inside Job” for more details on the real situation.

Damn that education!

So here I am now…  a new job and all my friends waiting for my return, but I have to wait till October till the new round of Visas is released. There is a maximum of 20.000 visas per year for the higher educated commercial employees. And subscriptions start in advance from April…
I am doing my best to find an alternative job for a quota exempt organisation, so I could come sooner… But off course  this would take more time to organise and mean that I would have to do something I hav eto do instead of the stuff I wanted to come over for…

But if you think it really is that simple, you haven’ seen the line of flaming hoops that you and especially your future employer have to jump through.

I will need to prove many things.
1. Most importantly I have to prove not to be a nuisance and take an Americans’ place.
Well how is one to do that? I don’t know all Americans… I am sure to make at least one or two Americans miserable with my arrival… Doing stuff that they won’t do, but could have done…

2. I should not take more or less money than an American would do and affect the job market with my arrival. To prove this they have devised the most unexplainable process in which my employer has to prove they give me enough but not too much money. Till this day I really don’t know how to understand this, but I am sure it will take 5 grand in lawyers fees to have this explained to someone who doesn’t give a damn.

3. I also have to prove that all my diplomas are in fact real and not imaginary.
At the cost of $100 I received a piece of paper with a shiny sticker stating that the Technical University Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam really exist! An extra copy (an extra sticker in fact, costs an additional $25)

4. And lastly I should really (no I mean REALLY) be needed.
If not, well you might as well stop now, as we really don’t see  the point of you wanting to come here anyway… Or at least that is how I translated the words from the attorney.

Patience deary...

The hardest thing of all this is that it is completely un-personal. This has nothing to do with me as a person, yet it will only just completely change my life.

Thanks guys.

The battle continues…


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