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Neither here nor there…

Boil Beasty Boil!

So I just came back from my first original Lobster Boil

And it was brilliant!
I will have to start thinking of portions, as I am sure I got enough food to feed a small Eastern European Country…

First local Clam Chowder, then Tha Boil with Mussels (which I am allergic to), Local Clams (double portion as see Mussels), new potatoes, local corn on the cob and off course Tha Lobster…(bibs and tools included!)

This beast was described by an elegant lady at our table as ‘a Real New Englander’…

So there you have it… Proper New Englanders are huge, red and slightly snarly looking. (especially in this weather… it was over 90 today, which means something like 32 in celsius eek luckily this is said to only last around a day or two)

Lastly I must add that the Somerset Club has the best stocked Loo I have ever seen…
They even have mouthwash ?!

Oh this land of the Free, looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead…
(tomorrow we are off to Newport RI)


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