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Neither here nor there…

Looks familiar?

I have only left the UK for a few days but already I miss her books…

(even if moving boxes of books I collected during my stay was a pain… I still can never resist browsing a bookshop for some new titles…)

During my trip with Royal Oak to Devon two weeks ago I learnt a new piece of knowledge.
At Coleton Fishacre, the 30s style holiday home of the D’Oyly Carte family, all the wood paneling is made of limed Oak, all apart from the library…

Daunting? The lovely Daunts bookshop...

Apparently bookcases are best made of Pine timber instead of Oak.
Oak is said to be too acidic, which can affect the paper over the years, while Pine contains an anti-woodworm chemical.
Do you think this will also work on Bookworms?

The bookshops I miss most in London:

  • Daunt books, for the wanderers amongst you. All books are organised per country/origin…
  • Hatchards, an old classic… they don’t have a loo, but you can always find that classic reference you were looking for… AND their little green bags are far superior to Harrod’s. Wheeech.
  • Foyles, simply because they do everything so well and just have absolutely everything you could wish for. (including dishy staff)

Some things never change...

Every day on my way from work I would pass this temptress...

I am sure there are many I still forgot to mention, so feel free to add any links in the comments.

In future I will update this post with great bookstores in the USA…
I can already add my present favourite:
Kramer Books in Washington DC.
But I am sure there will be many good ones in Boston/Cambridge.



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