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Neither here nor there…

Sorry, really... sorry.

I am sorry…

Oh erhm well eh sorry, please let me start again.

When arriving in Delft as a fresh student, it took my contemporaries about two weeks to change one of my life long habits…
Saying sorry about everything.

Every Delft student would correct me instantly, asking me what I was really sorry for in the first place… So in the years since I completely stopped being apologetic.

But since moving to the UK I have had to regret this change and have since reverted back to my original habit.

Here I find that starting every sentence with Sorry is more than just a word. It is a style of speech that just smooths all over.

It is a gesture of humility, politely inviting the person opposite you into conversation. I find this is particularly useful on the phone…
‘Oh ehrm Sorry, hi this is F. speaking, Sorry I am looking for X.’

Secondly sorry really helps to wiggle your way out of responsibility and oil the wheels in case of problems. (please note that this actually does not mean that your are really sorry)
‘Oh yeah Sorry I wanted to get back to you on that…’

Sorry Indeed...

Lastly there is the ‘slipped-in sorry’. Just add sorry to wheatever part of the sentence… Yesterday in the office I had a count throughout the day. Off course I have missed several out of habit, but in total I am sure I have said sorry about 50 times.
‘Good morning, Sorry, does anyone want a cup of tea?’

Sorry doesnt seem to be the hardest word,
I am sorry.


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