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Neither here nor there…


All my close friends know my great inclination for this Golden wonder…


Say it loud and say it proud… none of this non saturated nonsense or margarine or worse any named kind of spread…

I prefer a thin cold sliver of the stuff… On beschuit, fresh bread or in almost every possible dish.
Nothing beats a crispy end of a new loaf of whole grain bread. Soft and mushy inside with a  crunchy and crumbly edge topped with a cold chunk of salty creaminess…

Hmmm. I always prefer to serve my butter cold, so you have to slice instead of scrape. (again no nonsense with chemically softened spreadable butter here)

Pretty, but practical?

During a walk in the V&A last week we had a look through the impressive spread of dinner/eating implements throughout the ages. And off course it includes a real Victorian Butter Knife. But personally I think they are never sharp or thin enough…What fool ever designed this tool?

What tha?

It is even worse in Sweden as the butter knives are made of wood?! Is this instigated out of frugality or general health? Either way it is pretty tricky to eat any cold butter in a cold climate that way!

So after a great weekend in France, I am now completely in love again with this god of greasy food. Butter transformed the lovely snails into a really glorious melange of creaminess, garlic and herbs on top instead of rubbery dead orchard dwellers..

Fleur de Sel...

And then there is the glorious kind with Fleur de Sel salt crystals in it…Oh don’t get me started…

Another issue is the different standard shapes in which it gets sold.
This makes buying a butter dish a national activity.
(compare it to the different sizes in pillow cases between the UK and NL… I assume the US has a completely different proportion….) It is funny how butter is also part of this national proportional shift.

Hmmm I hope I will be able to find some proper stuff in the States, in whatever shape (a stick, really?!), as long as it is cold and fresh…


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