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Neither here nor there…

Dear Men,

This post will be less interesting for you.
Unless you need some sort of help in your judgement…

One of the most amazing finds in the UK, that has actually improved my general quality of life was:

Believe me, they will really change your life.

For anyone who doesnt know R&P , please check them at 1:01 in:

(nice detail: the fighting fountains at 1:41 is actually in the garden of my earlier Park Post)

R&P actually isn’t really a shop, it is an institution.
How can an underwear shop, without much underwear on show be so successful that even Queen Lizzy II is a fan?

They do the best bra fittings in the world!
You pick a number and wait in line, after which the lead you into a separate booth (including a silk kimono). Here the expert staff can just tell your exact size by just looking at you. So no hands or tape measures, just real expertise.

Squeeze into this one baby...

They then ask you what it is you need (and how much you have to spend), which they will subsequently produce in your size from a large wall filled from top to bottom with deep drawers.

If only I would have known about this place since I was a teenager, it would have saved me many years of bad underwear.

It gets even better if you need ‘construction work’ for elaborate evening gowns…
Ranging from corsets for strapless numbers or hidden construction for semi transparent summer dresses etc. etc. (they give advice on everything, did you know red underwear is invisible under white clothes?)

Occasionally you will see a man sitting in the waiting cue. I always wonder what they are waiting for… For advice on a present for a loved one, or may be a little something for themselves?!

It is amazing to be in a place that is entirely demand/requirement/quality driven.

I guess I will have to come back for their support often.

Magic Knickers...

Additionally I will have to miss brilliant British words like ‘Knickers’...

Pants is just Pants…


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