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Neither here nor there…

Guilty pleasure no.1

Thank God it is the season for running. As I now have a new addiction:  


They are crispy, creamy, somehow salty yet sweet and incredibly moorish. Yum!

Sandy Dodgers...

However sweet UK No.1 biscuit; Jammy Dodgers might look (and have helped Dr. Who save the world Ep. 3, 2010 season) their shortbread sandiness just cant beat the creamy crispness of Oreo’s.

I just cant help eating the whole pack of biscuits in one go, with a glass of cold milk or tea…

How could I have not fallen in love with these before? They are one of many American food inventions I’ve only just gotten to know…

Cant wait to sample Oreo Icecream and any other strange  recipes they can come with.

Bring it on!


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