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Neither here nor there…

British Summer of 2009 on the Mall...

It is true, Britain has a lot of weather.

I know it is a bit of a cliche, but as Eskimo have 40 words for snow, the Brits have 20.000 for everything else.

It is stunning to see how the whole island can grind to a hault after a few flecks of snow. (not to mention the cloud of volcano dust that is coming our way today.)

Apart from a large cloud of any cleaners nightmare floating on high, today’s weather is actually brilliant. It is one of these fresh early days of spring that really reassure you that the long greyness is over.

Or is it?

Sorry Toto...

After almost 4 years of Britain I can now safely say I have gone a whole different shade.
My skin is no longer fresh and pink but a new shade of pale and my hair is no longer a Dutch variety of sun bleached blonde but instead some non descript drab colour…The Dutch actually have a name for that colour: ‘Melkboeren Hondenhaar’or: The hair of the Milkmans dog – in other words: average…
(the picture also explains why there is no Crufts in Holland)

Ever since I got the key to the garden square I have not had one single day where I could just sit there (without a coat) and have tea in the sun with friends…

I am hopeful this will happen before my departure.

Pretty please?


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