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Neither here nor there…

I wake up with it every morning…
and sometimes it is the last thing before I fall asleep.

BBC Radio 4. (for the ones in the UK, you can listen live here)

It really is the best mix of opinion, culture, politics and news.
And it really makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Usually I wait until the daily ‘Thought of the Day’, which usually sends me out to work with a hopeful (, sometimes funny) and postive thought. (the whole of the Today programme is brilliant anyway)

But that is not all…
Eventhough Democracy has all her flaws, I truely think that listening to the roaring responses withing a disgruntled parliament is truely stunning. How about waking up in the morning with the laughter of the parliament? Is there any other country in the world where the MP’s are so eloquent and funny?
Indeed it is a sense of humour that makes politics so much more worth it…


And last but not least there is BBC iPlayer.  I really dont like television in its old form, especially now everything is littered with advertising… But video on demand makes it all come back to life for me again.

Compared to broadcasting in the tiny little Holland, the Beeb is really in a league of its own.

It was only last week that I saw the first Dutch costume drama about her Royal family online… But however much effort went into ‘De Troon’, it hardly mesures up to the expertise and seemingly effortless brilliance of the last production of ‘Little Dorrit’.
Ah well. How different US TV will be. I await with dread…

God Save the World Service!


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