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Neither here nor there…

Pub Grub - just ignore the orange juice...

One of the very best things I have started to get used to in the UK is the Pub culture.
A good example is ‘Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese’ on Fleetstreet.  Dating from the 17th century, I guess it shows that good things stick.

In a way it is quite similar to the original Bruine Kroeg (Brown Cafe) in Amsterdam, but it has several brilliant additions:

Firstly there is the great difference in beer/ale. Where most Dutch pubs only have one brand, that is well impressed on the decorations of the place, in a pub there is usually a greater variety of beer on draught.
The actual pulling of a pint is quite a different skill from the Dutch speedy tap…
Over the last few years I really started to appreciate a pint of ale. Yes it is luke warm and not as frothy as a Lager, but I find it far more satisfying…  And the real talent of this golden joy: it goes briliant with: Pub grub!

Dutch Bitterballen.


Yes British pub food is the epiphany of comfort food. Where you will get Bitterballen and cheese cubes in Holland, there is usually a great and standard menu of dishes available in pubs.

Beef and Ale Pie is a golden oldie. The Grenadier pub close to my house has a brilliant variety with Beef , Ale & Oysters. yum!

Lamb (or any kind of) Stew is another staple. Brilliant on a cold day or a hung-over Saturday lunch.

In a paper...

Fish ‘n Chips is so famous it has it’s own Wikipedia page… It is glorious, if well done…  I must admit that I secretly prefer more crispy ‘Fries’ instead of soggy chips, but with a crispy ale battered fish it hardly matters what you compare it with. (yay for Mushy peas again!)  I found the best one I have ever eaten was at a brilliant chips shop near Covent Garden, The Rock & Sole Plaice. (yeah great pun…) but you can pick your own fish to accompany your chips. Glorious!

For the discussion of the Roast, please see earlier roast post.

Indeed I will miss this relaxing (and certainly fattening) weekend activity. (Yes I am still Dutch, Brits dont wait till the weekend!)

But luckily I have heard rumours of Micro Breweries around Boston.
So who knows… there might be possible watering holes for me in the puritan new world yet!

Hic. 🙂


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