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Neither here nor there…

Sunday Roast...

As I got a comment on the Butcher post yesterday (Cheers FPK), it made me think about another brilliant thing about Britain…

The Sunday Roast…

I am wondering if this is as much of an event in the US as it is in the UK.

The UK is brilliant into turning certain feeding events into something special…

Breakfast – full cooked fry up please!
Sunday Lunch – see below.
Pic Nic – PIMS and all things nice. (Garden parties are something else here, on that one sunny day of the year.)
Its High Tea time!– This is so brilliant I will dedicate a whole post to this soon.
Pub dinner – unforgettable and British Best, post will follow shortly.
Supper – the word alone is great already. The elegant sister of Dinner or Tea.

I am really curious to find out what the US has in store for me. And I dont mean the annual event of Thanksgiving…
So far I know about blueberry pancakes or waffles and Maple syrup breakfasts…
But that is where my knowledge ends… What is the Staple weekly feast in the US?

Will anything surpase a brilliantly crackling roast from the oven/AGA?

Together with Yorkshire pudding to lap up the gravy… (no, no my dear continental friends, these puds have nothing to do with dessert or pudding as they call it here, yes I know confusing). And please do not forget the staple veg of overcooked cabbage or mushy peas. Brilliant!

However simple this might sound, cooking this takes some real science and dont forget to add in a a lazy Sunday afternoon with the best possible company.

Hmmm it is early in the day, but why am I already hungry?


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