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Neither here nor there…

Crush and Tube Haze

Yes I know… all people who first come to London Heart the Tube.

It is so organised, ao well signed and so easy to get everywhere. And the design is so pretty and the stations have such quirky names… hihi.

But now, after about 4 years I can honestly say I have had enough.

The Price – really it is exorbitant, even if you have an Oyster card. I recently stopped getting a monthly travel card and started using busses instead. The extra walk that it takes is actually rather refreshing. (and it saves me around £50 a month!)

The Crush – Standing (in silence) in someones armpit in the morning is really not that fun, in the bus at least you sometimes overhear someone’s report from last night… or what groceries they will have to buy on the way home…

The Tube Haze – ever wondered why it is so hard to walk up those tall escalators? It’s the air baby… There simply isnt much oxygen down there. May be one day when I need less of the stuff I will submerge again. You will really not believe what floats around in the air there. Try blowing your nose after coming out… or may be not.

    So for the remainder of my stay I will walk and even run for the bus, come rain or shine…

    Talking of which, may be I should just sit in the park while I finish my next Invitation to Tender, Ha.
    Fresh air…


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