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Neither here nor there…

An average box...

It is Wednesday today.

And one thing I really think I will miss is my vegetable box every week. After getting to terms with the supermarket snobbery here in London, I finally found a solution to Posh Waitrose Pears or Trying Tesco Tomatoes…

An Organic Vegetable Box from Abel and Cole

Once a week for around a tenner, filled with Organic vegetables that are in season and scrumptious. This is the reason I now love British grown veg…  And it has done wonders for my cooking skills (they come with receipes too!). So I now now how to cook Parnsip and Kohlrabi. 🙂

And I shouldnt forget to mention the great fruit and two weekly box of Oranges for pressing. The secret of all my successful crumbles and pies. Additionally it is one of the few places I managed to find decent spelt and rye bread, great
fresh eggs and much more.  It saves me a lot of lugging around.

Indeed Holland and USA I dare you all to come up with something as brilliant as this, ha!


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